Tom Ressemann

Tom Ressemann

MedTech Executive


Tom has founded and led companies that have resulted in multi-million dollar exits and an IPO. He has built exceptional leadership teams, growth-minded company cultures and innovative technologies with proven clinical outcomes. Tom serves as a Board Director for Microbiologics, a leader in quality control microorganisms and the urological start-up, Amphora Medical. Tom served as a Board Director for Entellus Medical from 2006 to 2012.

Currently, Tom serves as the President and CEO of Amphora Medical, a leading start-up company developing innovative therapies for urological disorders. From 2006-2010, Tom served as the Founder, President and CEO of Entellus Medical, leading the company through successful commercialization. Entellus Medical (Nasdaq: ENTL) is being acquired by Stryker for $662 Million.

With a commitment to community involvement, learning and development, Tom serves in mentoring roles for young entrepreneurs in the Minneapolis area, donating time and money to help them incubate their ideas and businesses. Tom resides in Minneapolis with his family.