GE Healthcare’s Agnes Berzsenyi Is Clearly Comfortable with Changing Women’s Healthcare

Medtech Talk Podcast | Episode 136


In this week’s podcast, Agnes Berzsenyi, president and CEO of Women’s Health at GE Healthcare, explains how her upbringing in Hungary during a time of political upheaval put her in position to succeed in Medtech. The fall of the Berlin Wall – in addition to presenting a valuable life lesson – gave her the chance to study engineering in the US and secure a job at GE, first in the aviation business. But Berzsenyi’s desire to work for a purpose steered her to healthcare where she has overseen projects in ultrasound and mammography, including the release of the Senographe Pristina and Pristina Dueta, the industry’s first wireless remote that allows women to play an active role in their mammogram. Berzenyi says GE is designing with the patient in mind, creating a more comfortable breast screening procedure. She also talks about how her science-heavy upbringing in Hungary compares to the US where young women may not be steered as strongly toward STEM. She’s working to fix that as well.

Podcast Guest

Agnes Berzsenyi

Agnes Berzsenyi

President & CEO, Women’s Health

GE Healthcare

As President and CEO of GE Healthcare Women’s Health, Agnes Berzsenyi is responsible for the strategic and commercial direction for the Women’s Health portfolio, including mammography, bone & metabolic health and services. She is responsible for product innovation, commercial growth and customer collaboration to reshape the mammography experience for women globally with innovative products such as Senographe Pristina and Pristina Dueta, the industry’s first wireless remote that allows women to play an active role in their mammogram.

Agnes started her career in the Engineering Leadership Program at GE Aviation. She held several roles with increasing responsibility, including in Services, Product Management, Marketing and Sales.

Agnes is Executive Sponsor of GE Girls, a company-wide program engaging middle school girls in STEM education.

Agnes holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering and Management from the University of Magdeburg, Germany, and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

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