Go Go Go! Scott Huennekens Explains How Strong Bias to Action Defined Leadership at Volcano, Verb

Medtech Talk Podcast | Episode 3


Anyone who has swapped emails with Scott Huennekens has seen the Go Go Go signature at the bottom. They’re three little words, but they say so much about the special brand of enthusiasm Huennekens brings to leading companies like Digirad, Volcano, and most recently, Verb, the partnership between Google and Johnson & Johnson. In this podcast, Huennekens explains what he learned about maintaining momentum in Medtech. When is grit misplaced? When is hopping on a plane to Europe with no plan in hand a good idea? Huennekens will bring his insights to the Medtech Conference on May 29–30.

Podcast Guest

Scott Huennekens

Scott Huennekens

Scott is a successful executive, entrepreneur, board member and investor in medical devices having been the start-up CEO of two “unicorns” and a part of 10+ startups or growth companies with market valuations that have totaled over $6B and more importantly > 20 million patients that have benefited from the therapies & diagnostics of these companies. He just completed his role as Pres & CEO of Verb Surgical, Google and J&J’s new Surgical Robotics start-up to revolutionize the future of surgery in January. Verb is located on the Google campus in Silicon Valley and has the big vision to democratize surgery globally. This will be accomplished with robotics, connectivity, big data &AI, advanced instrumentation and enhanced visualization. Previously, Scott led Volcano Corp., as its first and only Pres. & CEO, from start-up in 2002 to its IPO in 2006 and sale to Philips in 2015. Volcano 2015 revenue was > $400 million and its market capitalization peaked at nearly $2 billion. Prior to this, he was at Digirad Corporation, a diagnostic imaging solutions provider, from 1997 to 2002, as President & CEO. Digirad went public in 2004 (DRAD). Scott graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Business Administration from the Univ. of Southern California in 1986 and earned his MBA from the Harvard Business School in 1991. Current professional affiliations include Board Member Nuvasive (NUVA), Board Member ViewRay (VRAY), Board Member TDi, Board of Advisors Peloton Ventures, Board Member and past Chairman MDMA.

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