Invus Opportunities Partner Ben Tsai Seeks – and Finds – Success in Medtech Investments

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Benjamin Tsai says his initial plans – or the plans he’d been given – called on him being a doctor. But he quickly saw a greater opportunity working in the life sciences industry. Tsai made a quick run through consulting firms and business school before finding a place at Invus, an investment firm that has operated mostly out of the limelight. In this podcast, Tsai discusses his career, his outlook on Medtech and why Invus – investor in Auris Health and other high-profile deals – is beginning to get out to tell its own story.

Podcast Guest

Benjamin Tsai

Benjamin Tsai


Invus Opportunities

Ben Tsai is a Partner at Invus Opportunities. Previously, Ben was a management consultant at the Monitor Group. Ben has an MBA from Harvard Business School and BS from the University of Southern California. He has served on over a dozen private company boards and currently lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

Invus Opportunities is a sister fund to The Invus Group, an equity investment firm founded in 1985 with over $8 billion of evergreen capital. Ben joined Invus Opportunities at its inception and has played a central role in developing its strategy, which focuses on partnering with market-leading management teams and investors in private transactions globally. With a differentiated heritage and capital base, Invus Opportunities brings a complementary dimension to growing companies and investor groups seeking to create lasting value. Invus Opportunities currently manages over $1.5 billion.

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