Kaiser Permanente’s Liz Rockett on Her VC Career and Gender Inequality in the Industry



As an English Major at Princeton, Liz Rockett could not have imagined how her VC career would take off and the places it would take her. She shares her candid career journey, from taking risks, asking questions, and using her voice to empower gender equality in the field. 

Podcast Guest

Rockett Liz

Liz Rockett, MBA


Kaiser Permanente Ventures

Liz invests in healthcare IT, digital health and tech-enabled services for KP Ventures. She joined the fund in 2015. Prior to KPV, Liz ran health impact investing for Imprint Capital, which was acquired by Goldman Sachs. Liz’s operating background is in product development and customer success at the Advisory Board Company (acquired by Optum), TriZetto, and Outcome (acquired by Quintiles). She completed undergrad at Princeton, and her MBA and MPH at UC Berkeley. Liz has a longstanding love of all things related to people strategy, team culture and career development.

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