Mark Gelfand, Howard Levin Discuss Coridea, Ardian and How They’re Innovating Medtech Innovation

Howard Levin and Mark Gelfand Coridea


Over the past decade, no other Medtech start-up has moved markets as much or as quickly as Ardian, the godfather of the renal denervation surge a decade ago. But the gold rush dried up in 2014 when Medtronic delivered disappointing clinical trial news that left many to declare “Renal Denervation is Dead.” Well, if we may borrow from Monty Python, renal denervation is not dead yet. In this two-part podcast, we talk with Mark Gelfand and Howard Levin, the principals of Coridea, who developed Ardian’s approach. We’ll talk with them about their path to creating Coridea, the state of innovation, and, of course, how the Ardian “Opera” influenced them going forward.

Podcast Guest

Howard Levin

Howard Levin



In 2003, with Mark Gelfand, Dr. Levin co-founded Coridea, an idea generator that translates ideas into novel therapeutic solutions for clinical practice. His inventions and co-inventions have successfully launched or their patents helped launch companies including Ardian (Medtronic), CHF Solutions (Gambro), Respicardia (formerly, Cardiac Concepts), eValve (Abbott) and RenalGuard (PLC Medical), Cibiem and Soffio Medical. He has held a number of positions in these companies including President, Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer and VP of R&D.

Mark Gelfand

Mark Gelfand

Chief Technical Officer


Mr. Gelfand has more than 25 years of experience developing medical devices in academic, startup and corporate environments. His expertise is in integrative physiology, systems engineering and intellectual property. With Dr. Levin, he co-founded Axon Therapies, Soffio Medical, Cibiem, CHF Solutions, Ardian and Respicardia and served as the chief technology officer to those ventures.

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