Merit Medical CEO Fred Lampropoulos Lays Out Aggressive Growth Strategy, Including Opportunistic M&A

Merit Medical CEO Fred Lampropoulos Lays Out Aggressive Growth Strategy, Including Opportunistic M&A


Spoiler Alert: I missed a huge part of Merit Medical CEO Fred Lampropoulos’ life story when I did my research. I won’t say what it was, but you’ll hear it at the end. I’d fire my researcher if I had one, but instead I’ll just throw myself at the mercy of the Medtech Talk Podcast community. The good news, however, is that the thing that I missed – which would have removed Fred from Merit – didn’t happen, so he’s been able to build a multibillion-dollar Medtech that’s scooping up smaller players in the space. Fred’s an engaging fellow and we covered a lot of ground, including:

  • What is Merit looking for in an acquisition target?
  • How does Lampropoulos manage a publicly traded Medtech?
  • Why doesn’t Utah have more Medtech start-ups?
  • And finally, what does Lampropoulous have to say about the spate of bad press Medtech has been getting lately?

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Panelists include:
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Tim Herbert
, President & CEO – Inspire Medical Systems
Gerald R. Mattys, CEO – Tactile Medical

Podcast Guest

Fred Lampropoulos

Fred Lampropoulos

Chairman & CEO

Merit Medical Systems

red Lampropoulos has been in the medical device industry for over 30 years.
After serving as the Chairman and Chief Executive of Utah Medical, Lampropoulos founded Merit Medical Systems, Inc. in 1987.

He has invented and holds over 200 patents on devices used in the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of cardiac, peripheral, gastrointestinal and pulmonary conditions.

Lampropoulos is highly involved in his community and serves on many boards.

He is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology, CEO of the Year, and was inducted into the Utah Business Hall of Fame.

Lampropoulos is a former Special Forces Officer and an Honorary Colonel in the Utah National Guard. He holds a number of honorary doctorates, including Doctorate in Business Administration from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, recognizing his contribution to and development of industry and education within the State of Utah.

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