Santé Ventures’ James Eadie, MD, Reveals the Early-Stage Strategy That’s Producing Epic Returns

Medtech Talk Podcast | Episode 124


Santé Ventures partner James Eadie, MD, doesn’t recall the good old days of Medtech. He joined the Austin-based Venture Firm after two tours in Iraq with the Air Force where he led an ER and served as part of a “flying ICU,” airlifting wounded soldiers out of combat zones. Upon returning to the states, Eadie recognized his desire to run a company could be satisfied by investing in early-stage medical device firms, and he’s developed an impressive record over that span backing companies including TVA Medical, Claret Medical, and Millipede – three companies that could ultimately secure close to a billion dollars in M&A. In this podcast you’ll hear how Santé views early-stage ideas, including those literally drawn up on napkins. Does Santé bet on the jockey or the horse? We’ll let Eadie answer that one.

Podcast Guest

James Eadie

James Eadie


Santé Ventures

James joined Santé Ventures in 2010. Previously, James served in the Air Force and was the medical director and Vice-Chair of Emergency Medicine at Wilford Hall Medical Center, an academic level-one trauma center in San Antonio. He completed two tours in Iraq as a critical care transport team chief and as the emergency department commander. He separated honorably as a Major in 2008. James received his MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School Of Business, his MD from Harvard Medical School, and a BS in bioengineering, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Michigan. He is board certified in emergency medicine and completed his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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